It is extremely important to use an appropriate sunscreen after every Peel Treatment for at least 1-2 weeks of post peel treatment to prevent further unwanted sundamage, pigmentation, skin irritation, sensitivity etc. 


Glycolic Acid 30%   $120 per treatment or $65 added on to your facial treatment

Glycolic acid is best-known of a group of chemicals called fruit acids or Alpha- hydroxy acids (AHA). It is derived from sugar cane, so it can be considered a natural product. Glycolic acid works as an exfoliating agent because of its high acidity but easy solubility, with an ability to draw moisture into the newly exfoliated skin surface, whilst leaving the  skin's surface a much smoother, evenly textured and a more youthful appearance.Suitable for:

* Aged/Ageing skin

* Fine lines and & wrinkles

* Age spots & pigmentation caused from sun damage

Lactic Acid 30%   $120 per treatment or $65 added on to your facial treatment

A lacltic peel is derived from amilk product, being one of the mildest forms of chemical paals available. The human body contains lactic acid in tis cells which is why it is safer than other acids. Penetration to the skin is slower due to this acid being one of the largest molecules. The Lactic Peel is especially good for first time users or people with sensitive skin as it does not produce the discomfort, redness and irritation associated with other peels. The recovery time is also less. Some of the skin conditions that can be improved with a lactic peel are:

* sun-damage

* fine lines & wrinkles

* mild acne scars

* age spots & brown spots

Pumpkin Peels- Primary & Power $120 per treatment or $65 added on to your facial treatment.

Pumppkin Peels are stronger peels. They are designed to treat acne and pigmented skin conditions.:

* improving skin brightness 

* helps to brighten the appearnce of pigmentation

* Refines the appearance of wrinkles

* Decreases existing acne and aids in preventing new acne lesions

* evens out skin tone and lightens the appearnace of pigmentation

Alpha Peel Treatment   $150 per treatment or $99 added on to a facial treatment

Alpha peel is a mandelic acid based peeling being widely known & used for its exfoliating and antioxidant properties. The alpha hydroxy acids contained in Alpha peel promote epidermis cell renewal, stimulating new collagen production in the dermis at the same time. This effect is possible because mandelic acid dissloves the bonds joining the dead cells to the live one, helping to remove them and, by penetrating deep down, aids the repair of the collagen fibres and elastin.

Ideal for ageing skin, pigmentation and scars of different origin:

* acne 

* impaired

* rosacea & sensitive

A cycle of 4 treatments can be repeated once a week every 3 months as a treatment for skin regeneration and prevention of accelerated ageing. 

A session once a month can be done in order to maintain the results.