BODY Treatments

DR WRAPS Body Slimming Treatment

What is Dr Wraps?

Dr Wraps is an effective lymphatic drainage treatment rich in active ingredients that work in synergy giving visible relults already after the first session. It is a cosmetic line rich in active ingredients with a wide range of formulas to treat the different kinds of body imperfections efficiently. A slimming solution with specific treatments designed to solve different skin imperfections. Our drainage technique unit used in conjunction with Dr WRAP is a dynamic program to combat various skin conditions. 

How does it work?

The skin gradually absorbs the active ingredients thanks to a tissue support directly applied on the body. In a ywo step process, a specific showerless body wrap is appplied to the client and then the client is placed into the DR WRAP body cuff which then performs the 45 minute treatment.

Which imperfections do we treat?

DR WRAPS is able to perform moisturising, toning with tensor effect, draining and Anti-Cellulite treatments.

Which body areas can be treated with DR WRAPS?

Breast, Legs, Abdomen, Gluteus, Arms, Neck & Decollete.

Effects & benefits?

> Defines the waistline,

>Contour & tightens






>Safe for all skin types

>Reduces stress

>Comfortable & relaxing treatment.